Out today because the weather is just so nice to stay inside. Maka good vibes???? Still staying away from the crowd though so I’m in this nice cafe near Cael’ school.???? Also learning on entrepreneurship, personal development, direct selling and online marketing from an #online course yet again today.???? #Labanmommy mode on.????

Why keep on learning?
Because I know so little. I come from a medical field and have been studying way too different books for most part of my life ????????.

Why online?
Because it’s the way to go these days with traffic and viruses and all ???? and most esp for stay-at-home-but-wanting-to-still-be-productive-mommas like me.

Why business?
Because I don’t like being employed and having my time controlled by someone else.???? Totally defeats my purpose of why I do what I do- and that’s having more time.????

How about you mommas? What are you up to today?????????


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