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MomPreneur Made Podcasts

I love create content for the moms that inspires me the most. So if you want to discover more about my journey and the journey of other moms then listen to my podcast.


Coaching Sessions

If you want to take your mommy life a step further by starting to achieve the dreams that you once had before you were a mom, then I have 15-minute clarity session where I coach you to choose a business that fits for you.


MomPreneur Successful Start Course

Kickstart your mompreneur life joining my challenges and summits and surround yourself with moms who are inspiring other s and making an impact to other mommies as well.


2022 Momreneur CEO Clarity & Lifeplanner Book

MomPreneur CEO Clarity & Life Planner book can increase your productivity while you are taking care of your child and other stuff at home.

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95% of everything that you think, feel, do and achieve is the result of habits.

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