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from doctor to entrepreneur

I became a mom entrepreneur when I decided to be a full-time mom five years ago. It was not an easy decision on my part especially having dreamed of being a doctor since childhood. But my son had a unique medical condition where I had to put my career aside to take care of him. He needed me so I gave him the one precious thing I can offer him- my full, available time. Some called it a waste of a notable career, some said I was too weak, some even said I was being lazy but I call it a blessing in disguise because it was this experience that changed how I look at life which led me to be the MOMPRENEUR that I am today.

Mom's on a Mission

This blog I am making is my “mompreneur” outlet to the world because when I became one, I was seeking for blogs that support fulltime moms who wants to be productive, moms who still wants to go after their dreams despite of, and moms with big missions.

It was these blogs wherein I am forever grateful for keeping me sane. Now I intend to write for mom entrepreneurs (newbies or oldies), for stay at home moms, working moms, breastfeeding or non breastfeeding moms, gay moms, single moms, teenage moms, all kinds of moms who seek comfort and inspiration in mom talks, health and wellness tips, life lessons/hacks, and most especially on how to be a mom to little kids and still be able to chase big dreams.

My deepest desire and personal mission is to help more moms courageously start and succeed in their own mompreneur ventures where they can still fulfill their goals and dreams simply because you never want to let doubt stop you and your passion and love to give more to your family is bigger.

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