SM Saleslady Turned Multi-Millionaire: Ivy Sepe Shares Her Journey and Secrets for Success

Ivy de la Cruz-Sepe is one of my ultimate idol mompreneurs. Despite her status and success, despite being a multimillionaire mompreneur, she has remained grounded, super humble, God-fearing, and family-oriented. She is a former SM saleslady who is now a Millionaire Missionary, empowerment coach, health coach, passive income mentor, and public speaker, as well as […]

5 Quick Business Ideas for Busy Moms

I think we can all agree that being a parent is tough. And that running a business is tough. But doing the two together? “Tough” would be an understatement. But as a mompreneur — an entrepreneur who is also a wife and a mom of two kids, one of whom is less than a year […]