SM Saleslady Turned Multi-Millionaire: Ivy Sepe Shares Her Journey and Secrets for Success

Ivy de la Cruz-Sepe is one of my ultimate idol mompreneurs. Despite her status and success, despite being a multimillionaire mompreneur, she has remained grounded, super humble, God-fearing, and family-oriented. She is a former SM saleslady who is now a Millionaire Missionary, empowerment coach, health coach, passive income mentor, and public speaker, as well as […]

10 Tips to Stay Productive and Sane While Your Child is Virtual Schooling

Mompreneuring from home is a great way to boost your family’s income and still cover momduties. But without a proper schedule or system, getting everything done can be a real struggle.That’s especially true now that kids are doing virtual schooling!I remember going cray cray whenever my son’s class had an activity or a lesson. I […]

5 Quick Business Ideas for Busy Moms

I think we can all agree that being a parent is tough. And that running a business is tough. But doing the two together? “Tough” would be an understatement. But as a mompreneur — an entrepreneur who is also a wife and a mom of two kids, one of whom is less than a year […]

Keep Calm and “Mommy” On

Parents everywhere can agree: it is so difficult to remain calm when our children are having a meltdown. When our kids are screaming, hitting, stomping, and kicking in full-blown tantrum mode, even the best of us can find it hard to keep our cool, even though we know we should! It’s even worse when we […]

Why mommies should keep on learning?

Out today because the weather is just so nice to stay inside. Maka good vibes???? Still staying away from the crowd though so I’m in this nice cafe near Cael’ school.???? Also learning on entrepreneurship, personal development, direct selling and online marketing from an #online course yet again today.???? #Labanmommy mode on.???? Why keep on learning?Because I know so little. I […]

God Bless 5 Year Olds

Conversation this morning. God bless 5 year olds. Backstory: I was pissed off by an overtaking motorcycle. Then there was another one on my left side who passed by out of nowhere huhu. Then a car on my side was also trying to insert infront of me. I mean what’s up with the streets today. […]

Why its Smart to Start an Online Business as a Mom

I know a lot of moms these days who are starting their #online businesses. And that’s a pretty smart move. Trust me, some mompreneurs you see online aren’t doing #business just for the money. I know some do it for time for their lil ones. Some do it for more than that.Some already have good jobs and professions but […]