Want to ACHIEVE goals that truly matter to you this 2022 despite your uber busy & crazy (mom) life?

The Mompreneur Clarity Journal + Lifeplanner Sets You Up for Success and Helps You Focus on What Matters

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A Year’s Worth of Planning and Guidance,
A Lifetime of Impact

So.. are you a momma who…

… sets super high goals but later leaves you feeling frustrated, defeated, and stuck year after year?


feels lazy because you don’t know the next steps to take after setting those goals?


… plans but feels disconnected from what you really want?


… plans yet struggles at staying consistent?

Or maybe you are a momma who…

… is a list-maker but finds it hard to follow through?


…Has tons going on your mind yet scrambles at getting everything done?


… Finds it challenging to prioritize? Avoid distractions and be productive?

I get it...

Motherhood is the most beautiful thing in the world but it comes with a lot of challenges. It’s crazy, right?


And the last thing we want, is to be overwhelmed (even if we already are)…


… because when we’re overwhelmed, we become so stressed out and we burst out like momzillas – we’re grumpy and angry!


… we lose our focus and feel demotivated!

That's not how you picture your best (mom) self right?

You want to be a happier person, live better, love better, and become more than just a mom!!


You need to be productive too and go after your dreams and purpose.

How do we manage all of that then, mommas?

You don’t have to do something monumental or groundbreaking,

But rather focus on:

Vision. Creating a God-crafted vision of your mom & mompreneur life.

Clarity. Being clear on what you really want & need at this very season of your (mom) life.

Habits. Developing the little habits or routines that lead to big results!

If you said YES! to everything I mentioned above...


To help you create your own God-led vision.

To help you focus on the goals that matter, on what you really need right this very season of motherhood.

To make you consistent and create habits so you can get more (important) things done! But doesn't have to be overwhelming!

To ultimately create a life that you truly love amidst the craziness of moterhood, marriage, business, career, and everything in between.

With The Mompreneur Clarity Journal + Lifeplanner

You’ll get to...

Understand your WHY, embrace your vision and have clarity of purpose.

Stay consistent by creating a system of habits and routines to manage your time intentionally to reduce the stress and overwhelm.

Focus on progress over perfection and celebrate breakthroughs big and small.

Make time for what matters most (like quiet time with God, date time with husbands & play time with kids!) and say no to what doesn’t.

Get a well-deserved self-care and alone time too! To unplug and re-energize.

Live better, love better.

Designed with YOU in mind...

Crafted for your success & clarity!

Intended for you to stay committed

Functionality for the busy mompreneur that you are

“The Mompreneur Clarity Journal + Lifeplanner  helps you focus on what matters, to level up and create a life that you truly love amidst the craziness of motherhood, marriage, business, career, and everything in between.”

Doc Jet Bacaltos, Founder, Mompreneur MD

Hey there, I’m Doc Jet!

I’m a pediatrician, now a full-time, extended, breastfeeding mom and mompreneur. 

For many years now, I dedicated myself to teaching busy moms how to start a business while juggling motherhood.

Being a mompreneur is the most fulfilling thing God has ever given to me despite all the challenges that come with it, especially when it comes to managing and being intentional with my time.

I created the Mompreneur Lifeplanner + Clarity Journal because store-bought planners never worked well for me. So I learned the different strategies and planning systems that actually work and make a long-lasting impact.

I’m sharing this with you so that we can thrive together and create a life that we truly love.

More Testimonials

Thank you so much!! Got the planner.. Beyond my expectations! Love it.

Dr. Diwata Doma
Dr. Diwata Doma

Pediatrician, Entrepeneur

It's so beautiful doc!

Mayzee Bernas-Sorongon
Mayzee Bernas-Sorongon


Ging! Sorry for this really late message. I just opened and skimmed through the planner and I honestly super love it, especially the first parts. I love how it combines a planner/journal/notebook in one. And the prompts are so helpful and insightful. Grabe ka, super amazing! Congratulations on this Ging. I am in awe of you. And love the color. Hehe. Thanks for coming up with this ❤️❤️ I’ll post this very soon ❤️❤️❤️

Faw Maridul
Faw Maridul

Entrepreneur, Owner & CEO, Malingkat Weaves

Grabeh ang struggles ko doc before I finally gained the courage to start another venture. "I am not satisfied in making money for myself. I endeavor to provide employment for hundreds of my race." Madam CJ Walker.
This was what I've read in your planner doc. And this was what gave me courage to start a new venture. Now we have three employees in our pastries business (Baked Delights) in just a span of one month. It was because of this that I proved to myself that I was meant to be a CEO. Kaya please continue what you do!

Just want to say… Sa planner ako mas na enlighten what I really love to do. Biglang nag spark nalang yung idea because of certain page ng planner.

Recy Macahilas
Recy Macahilas

Mompreneur, Owner & CEO, Baked Delights By Selena

Jet Good Eve…… I got it na. Love it sooo much. I feel like receiving the best xmas gift from myself.

Dr. Crispina Caberte-Dango
Dr. Crispina Caberte-Dango

Ob-Gynecologist, Mompreneur

So worth the wait ang planner doc! Hahaha! I enjoyed answering the clarity worksheets at midnight when everyone was asleep! The brain dump pages are also my favorite! The OC in me is doing a happy dance with every page! ❤️❤️❤️ Congrats doc! And thank you so much!

Anna Loraine Dacuyan
Anna Loraine Dacuyan

Nurse, Mompreneur

A Year's Worth of Planning and Guidance, A Lifetime of Impact

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