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Doc Jet Bacaltos
Pediatrician, Mompreneur

Hi, I'm Doc Jet!

I am a pediatrician, now a full-time extended breastfeeding mom; and entrepreneur. I’m dedicated to helping moms achieve their big missions on health, wealth and entrepreneurship while having more time for with the kids and creating a lifestyle that you love!

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Some few things that I do.


MomPreneur Made Podcasts

I love create content for the moms that inspires me the most. So if you want to discover more about my journey and the journey of other moms then listen to my podcast.


Coaching Sessions

If you want to take your mommy life a step further by starting to achieve the dreams that you once had before you were a mom, then I have 15-minute clarity session where I coach you to choose a business that fits for you.


Healthy Living

Ready to take charge of your health from the cellular level? Find out more how you can experience and be a part of the healthiest family on earth.


MomPreneur Workshop

Do you wish to maximize your time to become productive while juggling your busy schedules? Sign up for the Clarity + Life Planning Workshop for Busy MomPreneurs.


2022 Mompreneur CEO Clarity & Lifeplanner Book

MomPreneur CEO Clarity & Life Planner book can increase your productivity while you are taking care of your child and other stuff at home.

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